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What Does an Electrician Do?

An electrician is a person who specializes in electrical wiring for buildings, transmission lines, and stationary machines. They are also employed to install new electrical components and maintain existing infrastructure. These workers must have a thorough understanding of electrical systems and codes. A career in this field is ideal for those who enjoy solving complex electrical problems. This career has a wide range of opportunities, ranging from working with residential and commercial properties to maintaining entire electrical systems and transmission lines.

An electrician’s job can be physically demanding. People with good communication skills are ideal for this occupation. They should also have a passion for mechanical things. An electrician’s duties also include troubleshooting, installing, and testing electrical wiring. They also need to have good eyesight and hearing. In addition to their technical skills, electricians must also be physically fit.

Apprenticeship programs help new electricians get experience in the field. They combine classroom instruction with on-the-job training. They are sponsored by local unions, such as the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and local chapters of the National Electrical Contractors Association. These programs usually involve four or five years of on-the-job training. In order to become an electrician, applicants must be at least 18 years old and have completed at least one year of algebra or a high school diploma. Additionally, they must pass an aptitude test and a substance-abuse screening.

As an electrician, you will work on various types of projects in a team. Sometimes you will be on site performing electrical work, while other times you will be answering emergency calls. It is essential for electricians to maintain good physical condition, as they will often work long hours on construction sites. You may be required to climb ladders and stairs to reach high places. You may also be required to work in cramped conditions.

Aside from electrical installation and maintenance, electricians also maintain power systems. Power grid electricians work with power generating stations, substations, and in-service relays. They work on these power systems to check components and repair problems. They also work on construction sites to add electricity to new buildings. An electrician who works on new construction may spend several weeks at a time.

An electrician works a standard forty-hour week, but may be required to work overtime on some occasions. This depends on the region, sector, and job. They may work overnight, on weekends, and during inclement weather. Some electricians work for themselves, while others may work for construction companies. They typically earn a median of $60,040 per year, and their employment is expected to grow by nine percent over the next ten years.

Electrical jobs require a variety of skills and a high level of physical fitness. An electrician will likely have to work on their feet for long periods of time, and may have to lift up to fifty pounds of equipment. They will need to be analytical and troubleshooting skills to identify problems and come up with the best solution. They may also work in teams under limited supervision.

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